Let's Give some second chances.

Team AED was founded in the summer of 2003. Two local Paramedics, Ahmed Mustafa & Richard Cranston started the company with one mission: to increase the rate of survival among SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST (SCA) patients.

After responding to literally hundreds of heart attack and cardiac arrest emergencies, Mustafa & Cranston came to the frightening realization that there was little to no knowledge of CPR training or Automated External Defibrillators in the public domain.

Since our inception, Team AED has emerged as one of the most successful and most-trusted resources for AED equipment and emergency training in the nation. To date, we are proud to say that our efforts have helped save the lives of 6 individuals since 2003.

Our primary mission is AED placement and management. There are many steps that need to be addressed in creating a legal, safe AED program at a home or business. We are committed to helping you along the way from day one!  Call Team AED today and let us help you place an AED at your facility and give someone, maybe even yourself, a Second Chance at life.